How Do I Switch My Kiwi Club Membership?

*In order to switch clubs, you will need to make these changes before your current subscription processes in the month you are trying to make the change. *

If you choose to continue and subscribe to a new subscription, (when your other payment has already been processed for that given month) you will get double clubs, even if you cancel the other subscription. To avoid this, you will need to wait until the next month to change your subscription and make sure to do it before the DATE of your automatic monthly payment. 

To proceed and switch your membership. There are two steps you need to do: 

1st - Cancel Membership

2nd- Sign up for Kiwi Club Membership 

Payments are processed automatically on the same day of the month, which is the day that you initially signed up for your Kiwi Club subscription.

Why is my Kiwi Club payment staying as Pending Cancellation after I canceled? 

Your account will stay in Pending Cancellation status for 30 days - This way you still get access to the membership benefits for the remainder of your paid term. 

For example: If your monthly payment is on April 11th and you cancel on April 1st, it will remain in Pending Cancellation status until the 11th of April, but you will not be charged again the pending cancelation status.

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