How Do I Cancel My Kiwi Club Membership?

Membership is month to month and you can cancel your membership at any time after 30 days of signing up;  There is no cancelation fee.

However, when you want to cancel your subscription, you must cancel your subscription before your monthly payment processes for the month you want to cancel. If you don't cancel your subscription before your scheduled processing date, your subscription account will be charged, which will initiate the auto-ship of that month's New Scrapbooking Club Kit, and continue access to your membership benefits for the next 30 days.

You can initiate your cancelation by:

1.  First, Log into your online account at

2. Under your ACCOUNT, go to SUBSCRIPTIONS

3. There, you will see your ACTIVE subscriptions. Click CANCEL on the one you wish to cancel. 

4. Look to see when your next payment is due to process (SEE DETAILS BELOW)

If your subscription was on Hold because of a failed payment, please make sure also to cancel your pending order. This way, you don’t get any future email notifications of failed payments sent to you. 

1st - Cancel Your Subscription (steps above)

2nd - Cancel Your Pending Kiwi Club Order (click HERE)


If your payment has already been processed for the month in the month you want to cancel, you will still receive the upcoming month's Scrapbooking Club Kit (if applicable). Your membership benefits will continue for the remainder of your subscription timeframe. Once Canceled, however, you will not be charged for any future subscription monthly payments. 


If your payment has not been processed yet in the month you want to cancel, you will NOT have a payment processed, and you will no longer receive any future Scrapbooking Club Kits until you sign up again for a Scrapbooking Club Subscription. 

Example: If your monthly payment is due to be processed on the 10th of each month and you decide to cancel on the 8th of April (two days before your scheduled payment), your account will not be charged, you will not get the upcoming month's Scrapbooking Club Kit (May Kit), and you will lose access to your membership benefits on the 10th of April when your payment was due to process. 

**If you do cancel your subscription and later decide you would like to begin receiving Kiwi Club Kits once again, go to, and re-subscribe from the shop.  If there are no openings to join Kiwi Club that month, you can subscribe to our waitlist to be notified of the next available opening.


Sign up for the New Membership.

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