Partner Center Introduction

Partner Center Overview

The Partner Center is a good reference point to find data that will help you get a quick pulse on your Kiwi Lane Partnership.  It shares performance level data to let you zoom out from day-to-day tasks to understand your progress quickly.  The information provided helps you to instantly identify your efforts and earnings to give you a high-level view, helping you to keep moving your goals forward with the right focus.  Work smarter, not harder.

The Partner Center has different tabs which are explained below.


Share Links

This is where you can find your Share ID and Custom Slug (if you have chosen one) and where you can create customized share links for any page from the website.  When a Creative Partner enters a URL into the Page URL field and clicks Generate URL, their Share ID is automatically appended. Just copy the new link and start to share!


The Dashboard is where you will find information at-a-glance, including current Unpaid Earnings, Total Paid Earnings, and your Earnings Rate. In addition, statistics regarding Share Link Campaigns and Conversion Rates from the use of Share Links are included. These statistics and numbers are shown in more detail in the next three tabs.

Campaign, Visits, Unique Links, Converted:

You can create named Campaigns using


Under the Earnings tab, you may notice different statuses in the Status column:

1. Pending: An attributed order was created but not yet paid for. (Example: a manual order placed by Support or a failed Kiwi Club order that is in retry mode.  Email notifications are sent to customers with pending orders.)  

2. Unpaid: This is a confirmed order from someone you referred that is waiting to be paid out to the Creative Partner.

3. Paid: This is a completed order that has been included in a Payout to the attributed Creative Partner.

4. Rejected: This is an order that was rejected.  This usually happens if the customer purposefully decides to cancel an order.

(For the purposes of this document, the amounts have been changed.)


The Payouts tab includes a list of all the payouts that have been made to a Creative Partner and the date they were paid.  For more details on each payout, including a list by an order number, click on the VIEW link under the STATEMENT column.  You will have one Statement for each month's earnings.

Before you can view payout statements, you first need to click on the Settings tab (in the Partner Center) and take a moment to fill out the Payout Statement details. Once you’ve entered the required information, be sure to click on the Save button. You only need to update this once, unless your billing address and legal name changes. 

Payout Statement

Click the VIEW link under the Statement heading to see each month's payout listed by order number.

(For the purposes of this document, the amounts have been changed.)


This is where you will find a list of different share links that have been used and whether or not they resulted in a referral (conversion).


This information is necessary in order to receive payouts and view payout statements.  Enter the email that is associated with your PayPal account and fill out the billing address section.  

This is also where you can decide if you want to receive an email notification each time you have new earnings. If you do, check the little box under Notification Settings.  If you don't, leave it unchecked.

You can also choose a custom slug to be used with your share link.  After one is created, you can see it listed on the Share Links tab. 

Don't forget to click Save Profile Settings to save your changes!

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