About Your Dashboard

  1. Go to Kiwilane.com to sign in to your online account here: https://kiwilane.com/wp-login.php.

  2. Click Account on the Far left-hand side. This is your dashboard.

  • Orders - You can see your order history and tracking numbers for the orders. You also have the option to order. 
  • Memberships -  You can see what active memberships you have. 
  • My Subscriptions - You can see your active and canceled memberships, when your recurring order processing date is, and Kiwi Club orders history. Suppose you need to change your payment information, you would do so under this Subscriptions section.  
  • Downloads - When you download digital Idea books, this is where they will be located to access them at any time.  
  • Coupons - When you receive store credit, you will see the store credit balance OR if you have any coupons to use. 
  • Addresses-  This is where you can see your shipping and billing addresses. 
  • Payment Methods - The first time you place an order, the credit card you used will be stored here. You can also delete credit cards or add additional credit cards. 
  • Account Details-  You can change your email address, password, and display name.  
  • Kiwi Wallet - This section only pertains to you if you are a Creative Partner. 
  • Product Points - You can see how many points you have and when those points expire. You can also see how many points you have earned on each order OR if you have redeemed any points. 

Please contact Support if you need further assistance at: [email protected]

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