Upload your Craft-in project pictures

Thanks so much for participating in the Craft-in events and sharing your creations.

Please make sure to take a moment and send us any photos that you might have of your project afterward so that we can include those in the blog post for your event. 

1. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TAKE PICTURES WITH GOOD LIGHT.  Here are some easy STEPS and TIPS that are helpful for taking good pictures: https://help.kiwilane.com/article/58-taking-sample-picture-tips

2. Upload photos of your creations here:

Please try to take your picture with good light! If this means you have to wait until the daytime, instead of the evening of your event, then we are ok waiting. If it is going to be a couple of days, please just communicate with us, so we know what to expect.  We prefer a picture with good light!

3. SHARE THE BLOG POST: We will work to get a blog post done within 2-3 business days after we receive your images needed. You can then use that blog URL link, and copy and paste it into your personal share link generator, and create a unique personal share link of your own. That way, you can share it personally again, via social, text, etc and that link will help track the new traffic back to you as the referred Creative Partner. 

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