How to View, Navigate, and Save the Product Catalog

You can access the catalog by hovering over the SHOP tab at the top of the website at Choose CATALOG in the drop-down menu.   You can also bookmark this link: Kiwi Lane Product Catalog to go directly there.

The New Digital FlipBook 2021 Scrapbooking Catalog has a lot of helpful features for viewing, navigating, and saving the catalog to your computer or device.  We'll review each feature below.

To open the catalog, click on VIEW FlipBook. 

This will open the catalog and allow you to view a two-page spread at a time, just like if you were flipping through a printed catalog.  To turn the pages right or left, click on the arrow at the edge of that page. You can also hover over the lower right or left corner of a page until you see a hand, and then hold your mouse down to grab it and flip forward to the next page or back to the previous page. To close the catalog, click the X in the upper right corner.

At the bottom of the catalog viewing window, you will find some navigation and other symbols on the left, middle, and right sides.

On the left lower corner you will see 3 symbols:

If you click on the symbol of the three lines, it will open the Table of Contents.  Here you can click on any heading and it will take you directly to that section in the catalog.  Then you can use the arrows on the side to flip through that section's pages.

If you click on the symbol with the four squares, it will open the Thumbnail view.  You can scroll and click to go to any page that you like.

The third symbol is a speaker for sound, if sound is available with the catalog.  This catalog doesn't have sound.

In the lower middle of the screen you will see the page numbers.  You can see which page you are viewing and how many pages there are in total.

In the lower right corner you will find this menu:

There you will find a plus (+) and minus (-) sign, which allows you to zoom in or out to view the catalog pages better.

Next to the minus sign is a download symbol. 

 When you click on the download symbol it opens a window where you can choose to download just the left page, or just the right page. 

It will download the chosen side to your computer as a jpeg file.  If you want to download all the pages, a pdf would be better (see below).

If you want to download the whole catalog to your computer or device as a pdf, click on the pdf symbol, which is next to the download symbol. Once downloaded, save the pdf file to your computer or device for viewing offline.

The final symbol on the right below will allow you to view the catalog in full screen mode.

We hope that these navigation, viewing, and saving features help you enjoy using your Kiwi Lane Catalog!


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