Commission Records

How to see Commission Records 

 Login to your account and go to the Partner Dashboard. 

  1. Click on PAYMENTS. On the right, you can choose the number of ITEMS PER PAGE. The max you can choose is 100. So, they can look at those first. Then, to see up to 100 per date/day, they need to look to the left and find the FILTER section with From: and To: (then hit Enter on your keyboard.)

To see up to 100 items for a date, just put the date in the "From" and "To" section: Example: Putting 1/4/2021 in both the from and to sections will bring up all the payments on January 4th. This will work for any given day up to 100 items for that day, and I doubt if anyone has more than 100 payments in a day.

Please contact if you need further assistants. 

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