​Can I change Creative Partners?

Can I change Creative Partners?

No. All Creative Partners work together as One Team. If you are looking for help with an order or any other issue, please make sure to reach out to our support team members at support@kiwilane.com. 

If you are looking to attend an event locally, you can make a post in the community to ask, or search for other community members to connect with you in your area. SEARCH HERE. 

If there is something else that you were hoping a Creative Partner could help you out with, the best resource is to email our team members at support@kiwilane.com so they can assist you, since we do work as One Team. 

Creative Partners Roles are the following: 

1. Invite others to Kiwi Lane 

2. Use the Product and share Creative Ideas in the community 

3. Engage in the community

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