What are My Kiwi Club Membership Benefits?

Every Kiwi Club Member gets the following benefits:

  • 10% off all online orders 
  • Subsidized Shipping Rates for your monthly kit
  • Early access to New Releases
  • Special Member-only Specials and Promotions

You can see all the details for the Kiwi Club Membership by visiting us here: https://kiwilane.com/kiwiclub/

How is the 10% discount taken off for Kiwi Club Members? The 10% is automatically credited when Kiwi Club Members sign-in to their online account. (Make sure you are logged in)

Don't See The Discount? If you do not see a member discount on any products, first check to see if your account is on hold or if you have a pending payment under your subscriptions. If you do, here are details on How to Update Your Kiwi Club Payment, or email support@kiwiilane.com so they can help you get your membership access back. 

Are there any exclusions for my 10% discount?

Yes. This discount will not stack with any other discounts or promotions and, once again, will not apply to the cost of any Kiwi Club kits, Overstock kits, or Creative Partner tools or supplies.

When do members get early access to New Releases?

Kiwi Club Members will get early accesses 2 days before an official release date. This way you can make sure that you get your order placed and at the top of the shipping list. An email will be sent out to all Kiwi Club Members to notify them of new releases and the dates associated with those releases. 

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