Basic Tips For Your Craft-In LIVE Presentation

Here Are Some Basic Things To Keep In Mind Before You Do A Presentation:


If you are doing a view of your hands, you will need a stand to hold your phone. 

If you are doing a front-facing, a basic phone tripod will do the trick. 

If you are doing more class content with a top view, here are a few over-the-top stand options to check out. 

NOTE: With the stand, you will want to make sure it is secure once the phone's weight is added; So test that out before your event. With the Arkon Stand, we personally put a heavy jar or bean bag on the base to make sure that it does not tip over ;) Just extra precautions. ;) 


Take a moment before the event to test out your light.

Things to pay attention to:

  • Is there any overhead light shining right on top of you causing a reflection?
  • Are there shadows casting across your project?
  • Do you have plenty of natural light? 
  • Do you need more light? If possible, use extra light (like lamps in your home) if needed.
    • A light ring we have personally used is this one, but not necessary.
    • It really depends on your location. Susan probably uses her light ring only about 25% of the time. But she does have a big window in her room that lets in natural light. 


  • Close your doors and avoid any unlicensed music or videos playing in the background. 
  • If you have children come in, or talk, no need to feel awful or get flustered. Just introduce them, then communicate to your kids that you are LIVE, and continue with your presentation. Just be real! 

Things To Keep In Mind During Your Event:


  • When you answer a comment - first read the comment so that everyone knows what comment you are asking. 

Example: Debbie just asked: "What set are you using?"

  • You do not need to answer every comment. If you happen to catch one that you can answer, feel free to answer it. If you miss some, you can always go back after the LIVE is over, and follow up in the comments by replying via text to the comments. 


  • Share about your experiences with creating.
  • Why you love creating?
  • Share how you are feeling about the project you are creating.
  • Share about the memories/photos you might be creating with.
  • Talk about what is included in the sets you are using.
  • Talk about the features or benefits of a product you are using


  • What is your favorite …….?
  • What paper should I use? Getting their input on the design process. 
  • Ask questions related to any stories you share during the episode. 
    • Have any of you done this before?
    • Have you been to this place?
    • Have you used this project? 
    • What do you think of that tip? Is it useful?


  • Be authentic! 
  • Share your personal style and creative processes.
  • Remember that each of us is different and has a diversity of styles and wants!
  • Have fun!
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