What To Expect For A LIVE Presentation:

What To Expect For A LIVE Presentation:

Here is a quick video that Susan shared to walk you through the following steps:



  • We will be broadcasting this event from Zoom over to the Kiwi Lane Facebook page.
  • A Zoom link will be emailed to you. (Keep an eye out for it and save that email. You might have to check your spam folder if you do not see it) 
  • This is the link you need to log into the day of your Craft-In episode. 
  • On the day of the event, Susan or one of our Team Members will join you on the zoom link, ten minutes before the event scheduled time.  

Download The Zoom App:

Day Of The Event:

  • Gather your supplies, samples, and materials needed for your presentation. 
  • Click on the Zoom Link emailed to you about 10 minutes before your event start time. Make sure to log into Zoom using your phone (or whatever device you will be presenting from).
  • You might have to wait a moment until one of the Team Members shows up to greet you on the Zoom link.
  • We ask you to show up 10 minutes before your event start time so you have time and also so we can help make sure your light, audio, and setup are working. 
  • Once we start the broadcast, we will introduce you, and give you time to pull up the comments on the other device/computer you will be using to see the comments from the Kiwi Lane Facebook page. (We will walk you through this before we start).
  • CLICK  HERE for some basic tips to keep in mind when presenting.
  • NEED TO CANCEL? If you have an emergency or need to cancel for any reason, please make sure to email our Team Members at [email protected] at a reasonable time before the event scheduled time -  OR - If it is last minute, you can message Susan personally on Facebook HERE, or call the office at #208-649-4955 so they can inform the Team Members that need to know.  
  • NOTE - NO SELF-PROMOTING: You may use other products, but you are not allowed to self-promote to any person's paid links for any products used. However, you can take the content URL after it is shared over on our Blog and share that in any of your own PERSONAL accounts with any links you would like, but not during the live event or on any of the Kiwi Lane community/social media pages. 

    After The Event: 

    • Share a picture of your finished layout in the community. 
      • Please try to take your picture with good light! If this means you have to wait until the daytime, instead of the evening of your event, then we are ok waiting. If it is going to be a couple of days, please just communicate with us so we know what to expect.  We prefer a picture with good light!
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