How To Find Weekly One Team Meeting Links and Notes

Meeting Links

Attention Kiwi Team: Join our One Team Weekly Same Page Meetings every Monday at 11:00 am CST. We share the weekly news and any projects or campaigns we all need to be on the same page about.  

You can watch these One Team meetings two ways. 1. Live via Zoom, or 2. Re-play on the blog 

1. LIVE @ 11:00 AM CST - MONDAYS

The Call-in info is listed in the One Team- Group under the Zoom Tab, and you can listen to recordings of previous calls there, too.

  1. Click on the Group One Team:
  2. Click on the Zoom tab.
  3. Click on the Meeting Link to join the weekly meeting. 

The Meeting Links for past meetings will automatically delete after two weeks. Please make sure to reference the blog post, as mentioned below, for the re-play or meeting notes.


After each meeting, we will provide key highlights over on the blog. Please expect 1-2 days after the meeting for these to be posted. If you would like to stay completely up to speed on all updates, you can catch the meetings live each Monday at 10:00 am CST. 

You must be logged into your online account to view the notes/section on the blog. 

Blog Link:

Here is a quick overview video to show you how to find the zoom meeting links, and also where you can find the meeting notes and information on the blog! 

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