Where Do I Find the Scrapbooking Kiwi Club Digital Idea Books?

There Are Two Ways To Access The Monthly Digital Kiwi Club Idea Book PDFs. (You do need to be an ACTIVE Kiwi Club Member to access these, so please log in to your account)

  1. Log into your Kiwi Club Account
  2. Scan the QR code on your Kiwi Club Kit's Packaging: How to Scan a QR Code

2. View the Kiwi Club - Scrapbooking GROUP.  HERE:

  • Then click on the 'DOWNLOADS' tab (At the top between the Videos and Members Tabs).

  • Then click on the 2023 Kiwi Club Digital Idea Books Link

  • The available 2023 Kiwi Club Digital Idea Books will then be listed.
  • Click on the "Three Dots" to the right of the chosen Digital Idea Book (see the image below) 

  • Then Click on the DOWNLOAD button to download the chosen Digital Idea Book to your device.

OR you can SEARCH for the name of the specific Kiwi Club KIT Idea Book you are looking for. NO SPACES.

For example:

  1. "DressedinholidayStyle" 
  2. Or you can search just the first word "dressed"

Click on the "three dots" to the right (see image below) to DOWNLOAD the digital idea book

You will find this file in the Finder or File Explorer on your computer - usually in the downloads section.

Where to find downloads on your phone

***We recommend that you download these files and save them to your google drive or device so that you always have them. The files will expire six months after they are released. Please also make sure that, if you decide to cancel your Kiwi Club membership, you download the files you may need before you lose the Kiwi Club Membership access to these benefits.

Looking for Past Kiwi Club Digital Idea Books?

If you are looking for any digital idea books from 2018- 2022 Kiwi Club kits, they can be found on our special landing page:  https://kiwilane.com/kiwi-club-idea-books/
***Note: These links will expire in August 2023. Please make sure to download and save them to your device before that date for your personal use.  

Click the Download button beneath the one you would like, and  save the PDF to your device so that you can refer to it any time you’re looking for a spark of inspiration, or print it out to take with you when you’re Playing-to-Create!

You can also find this page by visiting our BLOG under the Kiwi Club Idea PDFs 

If you have any questions about our Kiwi Club Digital Idea Books that are not answered here, please email [email protected]

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