Where can I find Creative Partner Training Courses?

Courses just for Creative Partners:

Once you became a Creative Partner, you were automatically enrolled to receive access to the courses that are specific for Creative Partners. These courses are full of foundational information that is broken down into lessons and topics to work your way through. 

Where can I find these courses?

There are three places Creative Partner can access Courses:

  1. After logging into your account, click on My Courses from the left hand menu. 
  2. In the top menu under Community there is also a link to ‘Courses’
  3. In the Partner Center, which can be accessed by clicking on PARTNER CENTER from the left hand menu and then clicking on C.P. Courses down toward the bottom of the Partner Center menu.

How can I search or filter the courses?

You can filter the courses by clicking on the category drop down button on the right side. This allows you to search just for the courses pertaining to Creative Partners and filter out any of courses you might have enrolled in from the community that way you can focus on the Creative Partner information when needed.

My Courses Tab:

After you enroll in courses, you will be able to find them in “My Courses” tab at the top of ‘Courses’ page. Since you were already auto enrolled in the Creative Partner courses you should find them there. 

Visit Often

Feel free to freshen up on this information as often as needed until you get the hang of things. If you ever have any questions, feedback or need suggestions on an idea you are brainstorming regarding your partnership with Kiwi Lane, do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@kiwilane.com. We are here to help any way that we can.  

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