Login or Password Help

To login to your Kiwi Lane account go to the login page. 

You will need the email you created your account with and the password.  If you have forgotten the email, but have an account, please contact support@kiwilane.com and we can find that information for you. 

If you have tried logging in with your account email and your password and it doesn't work, you will see this notice: 

You have 3 attempts to put in the correct password. To avoid getting locked out and having to contact our support team,  please follow the instructions below to reset it your password if you do not remember it. 

First: Go to the login page at https://kiwilane.com/wp-login.php

CLICK on "Forgot Password"

TYPE in your email to receive a link to reset your password

LOGIN TO YOUR EMAIL to find the email from Kiwi Lane. (Check your SPAM folder if you can't find it.) To reset your password CLICK HERE.

This will take you to a screen where you can reset your password.  One will be suggested, but you can choose your own.

Reset your password and click SAVE.  You will see this screen:

Click Back to Kiwi Lane to go to the website and log in with the new password.  

If you continue to have trouble, please contact support@kiwilane.com for help!


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