What If I Was Not Introduced To Kiwi Lane By A Creative Partner?

Do I have to have a Creative Partner to order online?

No. If you were NOT introduced to Kiwi Lane by one of our Creative Partners, you could place an order online. 

Creative Partners are affiliates who invite others to try Kiwi Lane. They do this by sharing their share links. 

If a Creative Partner referred you, please make sure to give credit where credit is due. You can do this by clicking on the link they sent you to set up your account or place an order. After that initial FIRST order, our system will track additional orders to that Creative Partner for referring you to Kiwi Lane. 

Creative Partners are an essential part of our marketing team. As part of our team, they are compensated by Kiwi Lane for referring new customers and on any orders that are attributed back to them as the original referred Creative Partner.

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