How To Find A Creative Partner

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to find Creative Partners in our online community. 

If you looking to connect with others in your area or looking to attend a local class etc., you can search our Creative Partners listing in the Community to connect. You may attend any events they offer. 

If there is a fee for the event, the host of that event will benefit from your attendance.  If that Creative Partner did not personally introduce you to Kiwi Lane initially, you can still connect with them and attend events. However, any online orders you place through will be credited to your referring Creative Partner - the one who introduced you initially to Kiwi Lane.  Your referring Creative Partner cannot be changed.

How to Search the Community: 

Finding a Creative Partner near you is easy when using the Members search in the Kiwi Lane COMMUNITY.

Login to your Kiwi Lane account.  Then, hover over the word COMMUNITY. At the top of the page, click on MEMBERS:

This will bring you to the Members page.  Look for the box ALL TYPES and open it.  Choose CREATIVE PARTNERS from the drop-down:

This brings up all the CREATIVE PARTNERS for you to look at.  You can filter the list down by city, state, etc., by using the FILTER RESULTS box on the right.  Just choose how you would like to search (for example, by state), enter the information, then click SEARCH.  

After you filter, it sometimes defaults back to all members found with that filter.  So, open the ALL TYPES box again and click on CREATIVE PARTNERS to complete the filtering.

You can tell if a member is a Creative Partner by looking at the designation just below their name.  It will either say, MEMBER or CREATIVE PARTNER.

If you would like to connect with one of the Creative Partners, click on the Follow Icon to start following them or you can send them a message by clicking on the envelope icon. To see more details about the Creative Partner, click on their name to go to their Profile page.  

This is a quick and easy way to connect with others in the community. 

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