Are the Last Chance Products Limited?

Last Chance products will only remain in our shop while current supplies last. So be sure to browse the current inventory…and check back often! We will be retiring products more consistently throughout the year than we have in the past, due to warehouse space, and not retiring SKUs in previous years. So additional items will likely be added to the ‘Last Chance’ category on a regular basis.

VAULTED BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: If someone misses out on some of these products now, never fear! They may go away for a time, but they aren’t forgotten. Each product that we ‘retire,’ lives on in the Kiwi Lane Vault – a sort of virtual space where we store all of our creations. Many of these products will make a reappearance at some point in the future, although we can’t make promises as to when this will be. To be safe, we recommend mindfully adding any sets that you feel you can’t live without (or that you think you will use in the near future) to your collection now, while supplies last. And don’t forget that we are constantly adding fresh, new creations to our current lineup! There are plenty of products to keep you busy Playing-To-Create until a vaulted product makes its glorious comeback!

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