Why Is The Cost Of Paper So High?

WEIGHT: Our website is tied directly to the USPS and UPS API System so they control the shipping costs, not us. Paper is heavy in nature which makes it not the most cost-effective item to ship, but well worth it if you ask us!  

If you are looking at ordering paper kits, you can expect $8-$12 in shipping based on your shipping zone and zip code from our Home Office. Unfortunately, we have no control over shipping costs. It can be frustrating, but sadly we cannot change it, and the shipping prices showing at checkout are the right prices based on your shipping zone and zip code from our Home Office. With the Scrapbooking Club Kits each month, your shipping is included in your membership price as part of your Kiwi Club membership benefits. 

SWEET SPOT: We have noticed the sweet spot of weight for paper products is ordering between 5-6 packs as that weight of paper tends to stay the same price if you are looking for a little price break in the shipping cost of your paper. 

Any mail being sent to Alaska, Hawaii, or the New England Area (Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, etc) is always the most expensive as it's the farthest shipping zone/area we ship to. For example, the weight of 3 paper kits with the box is over 3 pounds which is the $17 benchmark shipping to that area. 

Hopefully, that gives you a little more insight into what to expect with the shipping cost when you order paper.

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